Meet David Justice,

Founder, Repair Shop Of Tomorrow:

David has been an auto care dealer for over 30 years.  He grew up in the family business working for his father.  At a young age David purchased his father’s business and went on his own.  Over the years David had multiple Shell Gas stations.

In 2001, David got out of the gasoline business and bought an old closed BP station with 3 bays, He soon realized he could no longer operate his shop the “way it had been operated” over the past years.  Within a short time he added 5 more bays to Parkway Auto Care.  In 2009, David built an 8500 square foot store in a neighboring city from the ground up producing over 1 million dollars in the first 12 months.  Then in 2012 he built a 10,000 square foot store again from the ground up in another neighboring city producing over 1.2 million dollars in just 12 months time.  The 3 stores were Express Tire locations and grossed over 5 million a year.  David was elected and served a 2 year term on the NAPA National Auto Care Advisory Council from 2012-2013.

In search of a way to better manage labor hours, David created Labor Profit Management.  LPM is a web based time management system for your business.  Labor Profit Management has been featured in the June 2014 issue of Ratchet Wrench magazine.  LPM was also featured in the August 2014 issue of Shop Owner Magazine.  In June of 2013 NAPA launched Dave’s LPM solution nationally and since then David has been helping shop owners across the country create more net labor profits by having them measure and manage their labor dollars with his product.

David was a featured speaker at our national NAPA expo event held in Las Vegas.  David presented 5 seminars to over 3500 people on how to manage your labor factor.

In 2016 David received an offer from the largest automotive chain in the industry and sold his 3 stores in September of 2016.

Once again David had the opportunity to follow his passion of helping shop owners around the country, this is how Repair Shop of Tomorrow came about.  This is a complete comprehensive program for our dealer network encompassing done for you marketing, SOP, and labor and profit tracking complete with accountability coaching that creates real world results.

David has been happily married for over 20 years to his wife Tracy.  He is the proud father of 5 children and a grandfather of three.


Mike McGroarty

Head of Coaching

Mike has been an auto care professional for over 35 years. He grew up in the family business working for his father. After graduating from trade school in 1982, Mike leased his own Shell auto care center.

In 2002 Mike sold his auto care, purchased land and built his own 6,000 sq. ft. repair facility. He ran this shop successfully for the next fifteen years and in 2017 sold the business.

After years of running these two successful shops, Mike joined Dave Justice at Repair Shop of Tomorrow as a coach. With his 35 years of success in the business, Mike feels he has a lot to offer other shop owners. Repair Shop of Tomorrow is a completely comprehensive program for independent automotive repair facilities that encompasses done for you marketing, instruction on creating and implementing Standard Operating Procedures, and labor tracking, and comes complete with accountability coaching that creates real results.

Mike has been happily married to his wife Coreen for over 33 years and they have one son.

Ron Tinner

Sparks Tire & Auto, Owner

RSOT Coach

I grew up with a Grandfather who was a mechanical wizard, if it had an engine/motor he could diagnose and repair it. Made sure from an early age that I was always a part of what he was doing. At 16 I went to work for Firestone, soon realized that was not the place for me. Went to work for a small independent auto repair shop called Sparks Tune Up. Started as a lube tech, performed estimated average of 20 oil changes per day 7 days a week. Worked my way up the ladder over the course of 3 years, became lead tune up tech. By age 22 had my Master Certification with ASE. Continued my education, in 1993 became L1 Certified. Convinced the shop owner to go “Full Service” in 1993. We changed the shop name to Sparks Tire and Auto. Over the next 2 years became affiliated with NAPA Autocare program and AAA. In 1995 I became partners with shop owner and in 2000 I bought him out. In 2004 moved the shop from its 3 bay 1400 sq ft location to our current 10 bay 10,000 sq ft location.

As did everyone in 2008-2009 we experienced the Great Recession, it took its toll. We managed to keep our crew in tact and weathered the storm. In 2011 as we struggled to get back to the top of business as we knew it, I had the pleasure of serving on the NAPA National council. While serving I was blessed to meet Dave Justice. We became friends and business allies. He introduced me/my business to many amazing practices that made us grow and become profitable. I served on the CCPN board for the Autocare Association for 6 years where I met many industry leaders and made many friends. I quickly learned that to reach the level of success I was after, I needed a coach. Someone to both teach me what to do and to hold me accountable for getting it done. As the years went by, Dave and I became better friends and I hired Dave to be my business coach. Best move ever. RSOT changed my life, both personal and business. The education that I got from Dave, the push to Implement it and the respect I received when I did it, made me want to be the best I could be. I wanted to have the shop that everyone around me was looking to be. Today I am blessed to have reached that level of success. My daughter works with me daily, my wife was able to retire from the business, I have 7 amazing staff members who live to make “OUR TEAM” the best it can be. I have managed, with the help of many, to get to a level of business success that affords me the opportunity to now go out and coach/help others that ARE where I WAS.

I am proud to be a part of RSOT and have the honor of helping other independent shop owners reach their goals in both business and financial success. My goal is to help others reach the financial and mental freedom to work ON their business, not IN it.


Kathleen Jarosik

Xpertech Auto Repair, Owner

RSOT Coach


I began my career in the automotive field in late 2003 when my husband and I decided to purchase our own shop and relocate from Florida’s Atlantic Coast to the beautiful Gulf Coast. I spent much of my time in the background, managing the payroll, accounts payable and paperwork involved with the operations of the business as well as being a part time stay at home mom to my two daughters, who are now 18 and 15. In 2009, after divorcing, I purchased the shop from my former husband and began to run it as my own. Shortly afterward, I became a Napa Auto Care center and utilized their extensive benefit and training network to learn and grow in the industry. Looking back, I believe this was one of the most pivotal business decisions I have made to date. The immediate benefits of the program were obviously the earn backs, supplier discounts, expedited delivery and nationwide warranty. The bonus benefits have been game changers over the years and have taught me step by step how to become a better manager, leader and steward in my community. In 2015, I became an ASE certified Service Consultant (C1). My shop had shown consistent growth of around 5% year to year but since becoming a Platinum Member of Repair Shop of Tomorrow and learning to really utilize all the NAPA programs together to optimize profit, growth and marketing of my shop I have increased considerably more than 10% each year. I was included in the NAPA Insight magazine for Fourth Quarter 2017, was interviewed by Carm Capriotto from Remarkable Results Radio several times/ ( & participated in Digital ShopTalk Radio in August 2019 for the topic of The Ambitious Women Changing the Future of Automotive Repair (found at ). Most recently, I had the pleasure to serve as a panelist on the two-day Kukui Virtual Conference where we were able to reach, inspire and teach many shop owners and staff members that may have never been able to attend a live conference without the spark of knowledge they gained during those two days.

The partnership with NAPA has blessed me with the ability to give back over the years by supporting our local elementary and high schools, holding fooddrives for a local food bank, sponsoring fundraiser events for local charity groups like Dollars for Mammograms, The Wobbly Feet Foundation, The New Paradigm of Catholic Charities, planning board member of the 2018 Englewood Beach Waterfest Family Conservation Center. I was a graduate of the 2019 Leadership Englewood class that planned an event that raised over $25,000 for 3 local charities, am a current Vice President of the Englewood Chamber of Commerce, was an invited speaker at Auto Care Association’s Spring Leadership Days, was featured in Tire Business Weekly, Undercar Digest, Napa Insight Magazine and Ratchet & Wrench in 2019.

I am a member of Women in Auto Care and was honored to have been chosen as the recipient of their 2018 Female Shop Owner of the Year award. I attend their conferences that are held in different cities in the US and Canada. This has been invaluable to furthering my career in the automotive industry and has given me the ability and vision to help others, especially women, to pursuit a career in automotive. I look forward to working with them more in the future to bring programs to my local area that encourage young people to consider our industry for a long-term career. Becoming more involved in the industry as well as continuing to run my repair shop and being involved in more community activities in our town is something I am also excited to see in my future!

I believe joining the staff at Repair Shop of Tomorrow will aid in my desire to raise the bar for our entire industry. We are all professionals and deserve to be compensated physical, emotionally, and financially as such. My passion to help others succeed, coupled with the core values of RSOT have limitless possibilities to help other shop owners meet and exceed their goals and make their dreams become reality!

Corey grew up in Buffalo, New York. Living next door to his family’s automotive repair shop, it was inevitable that he would wind up becoming a part of the automotive industry. Like a lot of us, he started in the field by cleaning the shop and mounting tires. Only he started that when he was just 12 years old. He learned much so from both of his parents. His dad taught him how to work on cars while his mother gave him an outstanding attention to detail.

Corey went on to go to vocational school where he was top of his class. During his time, he was awarded a full tuition scholarship to Ohio Technical College. While attending college, he began to work for Pat Theobald of Olmsted Auto Care.

Over the years of working with Corey, Pat had begun to see that Corey was incredibly determined to make the shop his own and take it on a whole other level. In 2015, Corey took over the role of shop manager and began to grow the company. It was hard work and long hours but to him it was worth it. When news arrived of expecting his 1st child, Corey knew the long hours would not work. He needed to get educated to run the business properly.

A short while later, Corey began to work with Repair Shop of Tomorrow. This was a turning point for him personally and professionally. He loves to implement new ideas and watch them work. By 2018, he was able to double the revenue of his store and grow his profitably. In 2019, he became full owner of Olmsted Auto Care.

Now he is looking to help others in the industry.

Corey Evaldi

Olmsted Auto Care, Owner

RSOT Coach


Greg Palmier

Yeck's Tire & Auto, Owner

RSOT Coach


My name is Greg Palmier. I’m an entrepreneur and owner of Yeck’s Tire & Auto, a NAPA Gold Certified, Pro Image facility in Bellevue, Nebraska. Raised in a military family, I had the opportunity to travel all over the world. I settled in Nebraska when my family was transferred to Offutt AFB in 1975. I have been married 42 years; have 2 adult children and 4 grandchildren. I enjoy flying and playing golf.


I began my career as an automotive technician in 1977. From that point on I have experienced all aspects of running a successful auto repair business. We have been recognized for many awards, including multiple AAA Top Shop Awards, Voted Best Auto Repair in Sarpy County, and winner of the Omaha NAPA AutoCare Center of the Year.


I became involved in the capacity of manager which eventually led to ownership. Along the way, I recognized that in order to grow and be successful, I had to have a well thought out and structured plan that includes the following:


· Understanding Shop KPI’s

· Implementation

· Being Proactive & NOT Reactive

· Accountability to One Another

· Diverse Marketing Strategy

· Tech Recruitment & Retention

· Tech & Management Training

· Facility Appearance & Presentation


Strengths: leadership, professional, entrepreneurial thinking, welcoming change and being able to work outside of your comfort zone, marketing, technology, finance, continuing education


I sought out and became involved in many organizations that led to my success, both business and community programs on multiple levels. Actively involved in successful business groups; both at the local and national level.


During the years of building my business, I also became involved in other endeavors that increased my experience and understanding of the business world. Some of these include:

· Original founding member of Omaha NAPA AutoCare

· NAPA National AutoCare Advisory Council Board Member

· Served on the Metro Community College Advisory Council

· Served on Destination Imagination (program for children) board member, executive board member, team coach, challenge tournament director

· Member of National Mastermind Automotive Groups

· Multiple Business Owner / Investor

· Commercial Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor



Some of our community projects include:


· Annual “Brakes for Vets” Event

· Annual “Golf for Vets” Event

· Annual “Women’s Clinic” Event

· Partner with the Eastern Nebraska Veterans Home

· Partner with the Disabled American Vets Chapter 47

· Partner with the Open Door Mission

· Toys for Tots

· Food Pantry

· Annual “Customer Appreciation” Event

Alan Cafferty

Bryan's Service LLC, Owner,

RSOT Coach


Alan Cafferty grew up in the Family owned business that was started in 1935 in Winsted, MN by his father Bryan.


At the age of seven Alan started pumping gas and washing windshields as part of his indoctrination to the automotive world.  From there under the watchful eye of his Dad he graduated to small engine repair, tire repair and of course sweeping floors. Never afraid of hard work, because his Dad also farmed, Alan continued to learn both farming and auto repair from his Dad.  Bryan was the most patient and quiet man you could ever meet and there was nothing mechanical that he would not attempt to repair.  The best teacher anyone could have and he loved sharing his knowledge with young eager technicians.  The work was hard and the days long but the rewards were always satisfying.


After graduating from the local high school Alan headed to college on a full scholarship only to be called back home to help with the family businesses after a series of health    issues for both parents.   That ended the college dream and started another chapter.


In December of 1980 Alan returned to help on the farm & repair shop.  Alan & his brother Butch worked together until March of 1981 when Butch left to work in his father-in-law’s trucking company. Alan became manager and lead tech and handled all of the day to day issues that came with running a repair shop.


 Once again change came when in 1990 Alan met his future wife JoLynn.  In July of 1991 Alan & JoLynn married and Alan became a step father to three wonderful girls. That is when taking the business more seriously became an absolute must. Things progressed but never felt right as far as running a business.


That’s when coaching was first attempted through several companies in fact after five   different companies each with their own style and methods over a 10 year period it felt like there was no light at the end of the tunnel.  Alan kept searching for the right fit for a small town shop and found a group that included Dave Justice, Mike Mcgroarty and Greg Palmier.  The three most influential people in his professional life.  Lifetime friendships were formed and the caring and sharing amongst the group was amazing.

Finally in February 2006 Alan was able to persuade his Dad to sell him the business and at age 87 Dad agreed.  Alan started to implement all of the ideas that he had learned and the shop finally felt like a complete business with processes in place to succeed.  But there still seemed to be a piece missing that is when Dave Justice called about RSOT.  There was no hesitation when Dave explained the Done 4 You systems he had in place.  The business boomed and we never looked back it’s the BEST business decision ever made.


Alan finally has a personal life and enjoys spending time with his wife JoLynn, three daughters Erin, Jamie and Paige, three son-in-laws Keith, Dave and Kevin, and especially the biggest “WHY” in his life the seven grandchildren, Alexis, Elizabeth, Brooklyn, Lily, Ella, Abbie and Evan.


Please consider RSOT it will change your business and personal life in ways you would never imagine.  If it can work for a small 3 bay shop in a town of 2300 people it will work for you and your shop.  You will never find a more sharing and caring group of individuals to be part of your journey.

Roy Foster is the President of Roy Foster's Automotive, which has been in business since 1947. He has served on numerous groups and councils for both his community and industry. He served on the NAPA AutoCare Advisory Council from 2018-2019, past President for the Reno-Sparks NAPA AutoCare Business Development Group, Western Division ASE-Technician of the Year in 2011, AAA Top Shop Finalist in 2018-2019, and is proud to be Napa Gold Certified.

His community involvement includes helping create a NAPA AutoCare exhibit for the Reno, Nevada Children's Discovery Museum, helping local veterans, and has done several Car Giveaways. He is committed to mentoring his employees, apprentice technicians, and local high school and college students interested in the automotive industry. He has been a Scout Leader for Boy Scouts of America, coached youth baseball, and has served in Church Leadership for 25 Years.

Roy is happily married to Jacqueline Foster; they have seven children and six grandchildren.


Roy Foster

Roy Foster's Automotive, Owner, RSOT Coach