Here's What Our Clients Are Saying:

"Be efficient, spend more time with the family!"
"Learning What It Takes To Be a Shop Owner"
"Trust The Process"

"My Repair Shop has been using the Repair Shop of Tomorrow marketing program for less than 3 months now. To say it’s working is an understatement for sure. I constantly battle with the fact that we do a great job for your customers, only to have them go somewhere else for other repairs. Well just in the last week alone I’ve had 4 customers return for service after extended absences. I am starting to get the feeling I may be able to retire one day. Thanks guys!”

Jim Shukys, Owner of Jimyz Automotive

“My name is Corey Evaldi, and my company is Olmsted Auto Care. In February 2017, I joined the group of Repair Shop of Tomorrow (RSOT). Since joining my business and my life has transformed. Our business almost doubled in revenue in the past year. In the beginning our profits were nearly non-existent. Now we are obtaining sustainable profitability. I have grown my staff from 7 employees to now 10.

As a family man, RSOT has shown me a way to run my business and not have the business run me. There is a level of sincerity that cannot be told, but only felt when dealing with them. If any shop owner, vendor, or whomever is interested in taking part of what this group can do, I highly recommend getting started today!”

Corey Evaldi, Owner of Olmsted Auto Care

“It is my pleasure to strongly recommend “Repair Shop of Tomorrow” to my business colleagues to help grow their business as well as their work/life balance.

I am Nick Hively, President of Automotive Unlimited, Inc. in Chanhassen, Minnesota. I spent 15 years as a NAPA outside sales representative with Star Group, LLC in Minnesota.

After working 70-80 hour weeks for the first two years in business Dave Justice has taught me how to achieve a healthy work/life balance, strive to make sales goals as well as net profit goals, and create a culture of happy employees. Through 8 months year to date our sales are up over 40% and we are on pace to break a record year of sales in 2019.

Repair Shop of Tomorrow has been instrumental in our success. They helped with employee hires, employee handbooks, educating me on and monitoring key performance indicators, and many other facets of business. Dave’s expertise and passion have been a life changing experience for me, my family, employees and customers.”

Nick Hively, President of Automotive Unlimited Inc.

“Far and away the BEST business and life decision I have ever made. Repair Shop of Tomorrow has brought exactly the missing piece I needed to gain control of my business and my life with their Done For You concept. I knew I have made the right decision when in the first month of being in the program sales were up 27% and they have continued to grow ever since. I do not feel lost and confused and my family life is much better because of my decision to involve Repair Shop of Tomorrow in my business. I do not consider this an expense but an investment in my business and my family. Incredible caring people that drive you to be the best you can be.”

Alan Cafferty,  Owner of Bryan’s Service LLC

“Repair Shop of Tomorrow has not only saved my business but saved 3 generations of my family, from grandparents to grandchildren. Dave had us focusing on increasing our production through accountability. Literally, in 45 days, we went from 16% production to 75% production and our labor profit spike to 60%. We started to award for excellence, focusing on our top producers. Becoming part of Repair Shop of Tomorrow allowed the insight one needs to become successful. We have almost TRIPLED our revenue in the past 3 years since being with Repair Shop of Tomorrow.”

Chris Machado, Owner of Circle M Truck & Auto Repair

 “We started Repair Shop of Tomorrow promo period in January for February 2017. Our sales for February 2017 increased by 40% over the previous year with the use of their marketing technique. By using their marketing and technician incentives business seems to be growing.

I am very pleased at this time with the program and will continue to use it. I would recommend this to anyone who is not fortunate to have a marketing person on their staff.”

Howard Wilde, President Jakes Radiator Inc.

“When I came to RSOT, it wasn’t that I need a lifeline, it was that I need to find what I was missing. Once I put the trust in RSOT that I have, my business has gone to places I didn’t know it could be. My ELR has doubled in the past 5 years, YES DOUBLED. I have always believed and strived to be the best shop. With the help of RSOT, we have reached new heights and are constantly growing. The future is full of opportunity. Thank you, Dave, and the entire RSOT team.”

Ron Tinner, Owner of Sparks Tire & Auto

“I began my journey with Repair Shop of Tomorrow over 3 years ago.  My business was doing well but was stagnant for growth. Through the marketing plans, web site, social media post and coaching that included bringing together all the incredible programs and benefits we receive from Napa Auto Care, we have been able to consistently grow our gross sales more than 15% per year. More importantly, my net profit has significantly improved. My coach helped me understand the why and the how of each of these programs and taught me how they benefit my shop, my advisors, my technicians and my bottom line!  I cannot say enough about how much they have taught and guided me to become a better leader in my business and my local community, as well as becoming more interested in lifting up the automotive aftermarket industry as a whole. They have nurtured and encouraged a sense of family between the shops that are in the program and are genuinely interested in each of us being successful. Becoming a Napa Auto Care Center and joining Repair Shop of Tomorrow are the two best decisions I have made for the major success of my business and my personal growth.  I highly recommend Repair Shop of Tomorrow if you are a shop owner that wants to grow AND is willing to put in the work it takes to do so.”

Kathleen Jarosik,  Owner of Xpertech Auto Repair